Minneapolis must work for all working people







Everyone should be able to afford a decent place to live








Our justice system must be transformed to be truly just










We must build complete streets and complete neighborhoods









Our government must be more democratic








Minneapolis should lead the fight for environmental justice


Real wages for the lowest-wage workers in Minneapolis have gone down since 2000.  Workers and the smallest businesses deserve to have the City do more to help. Cities have a legal and moral obligation to be advocates for their residents:

  • Raise the minimum wage to $15
  • Pass a Fair Scheduling ordinance
  • Enforce laws against wage theft

Rents have gone up dramatically in the last ten years.  Every resident of Minneapolis deserves to have a decent, affordable place to call home.

  • Build more affordable housing
  • Pass a Mixed Income Housing Policy to require affordable units in new housing developments, especially in the fastest-growing parts of our city
  • Make all homes in our city safe and healthy by removing lead, asthma triggers and other contaminants
  • Enforce anti-discrimination laws against landlords who refuse to take Section 8

Community safety solutions must come from the bottom up. Black lives matter in Minneapolis. Indigenous lives are valued in Minneapolis. Immigrant lives will be protected in Minneapolis. Muslim lives will be respected in Minneapolis. All people deserve to live in a free and safe city.

  • Proactively address youth violence through proven public health approaches, rather than through a policing-only approach
  • Repeal ordinances used to unfairly target people of color and the poor
  • Bring back an empowered and independent civilian review authority

For decades, Minneapolis built our neighborhoods with a priority on people driving through them, not the people who live in them.  That has to change, by making real transportation choices possible and building mixed-use neighborhoods where we can meet our daily needs on foot, bike, or transit.

  • Ensure that all parts of Minneapolis are served by high-quality transit routes
  • Truly prioritize people on foot, on bikes, and on transit
  • Reform antiquated zoning rules based on racist ‘redlining’ maps and support local commercial corridor development on the Northside

A small percentage of people vote in local elections. Time and again, City government sides with the wealthy and powerful over residents. We need to make real reforms in the way the City does its work:

  • Use a participatory budgeting process to let the people directly influence City budgets
  • Establish public financing of City elections to limit the impact of money and hold incumbents accountable
  • Include renters in decision making for the neighborhoods, not just homeowners and landlords

Minneapolis can and must lead the way on fighting climate change in a way that builds health and wealth for poor communities.

  • Support efforts at the local level to combat climate change
  • Invest in neighborhoods that have suffered historic environmental injustice through a strong Green Zones policy
  • Support the local food economy by allowing residents and businesses to grow more local food
  • Become a truly zero waste city by reducing waste while increasing recycling and composting in all buildings