Thank You Ward 5!


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North Minneapolis - On Tuesday night Jeremiah Ellison was elected to represent Ward 5 on the Minneapolis City Council.

Jeremiah is an artist, community organizer and the son of DNC Vice Chair, Congressman Keith Ellison. At 28, he’ll be the youngest Member on the Council.

Jeremiah was born and raised in the neighborhood where he was elected, a community that has long been divested from and often left out of the political process.

Here is a statement from Jeremiah and the campaign:

“As a born and raised Northsider, I am honored by my neighbors' trust in me to represent them in City Hall. I’m so proud of the campaign that this team ran, one that put its trust in the community in every sense, from using my experiences with murals to co-create a platform to the scale at which we reached new voters in creative ways through art and music. That is how we increased voter turnout in the Ward by 40%.

Now the real work begins. Winning an election doesn’t actually solve the challenges that Northsiders face. I’m ready to get to work -- but I can’t do it alone. The same way we ran a different kind of campaign, I’m ready to be a different kind of Council Member.

Look for us to continue to be out in the community regularly, partnering with Northsiders to dream up better solutions for community safety, a more equitable pathway for economic development, ways to maintain affordability, and the environmental justice that we deserve.”