What is possible when we shift the story from what is “wrong” with North Minneapolis to what does North Minneapolis have to offer?

I am running for City Council because I want to put resources into the hands of the people that live in Ward 5. Together, I want us to start solving the issues we face and begin to imagine a future for the Northside authored by Northsiders.

Learn more about our vision for the Northside.

Learn more about our vision for the Northside.

Join me, and let’s make our voices heard at City Hall, not only heard but reckoned with, and mobilized into a better future for the Northside.

I grew up on the corner of 17th and Bryant. I was raised and politicized by my friends, my neighbors, and family. As an artist and organizer, my work has kept me engaged at the intersection of grassroots and policy making. I’ve worked on issues of fair housing, youth homelessness, land-use, equitable development, public health, and police accountability. As campaign organizer, I’ve worked to expand the electorate by working against Voter ID laws and engaging in popular education.