I'm pounding the pavement to earn the support or organizations and community members because it's essential that the Northside is represented by someone who is willing to put in the work to build relationships across the community so that we can partner together to bring Northside voices to City Hall and so that you all can hold me accountable. 

I'm so proud to have the support of these incredible organizations. 


Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor PArty

At the beginning of this campaign we committed to doing something different. While we are celebrating the endorsement, we are still committed to running a campaign that champions all the people on the Northside, that brings new people into this process, and carries their voices to City Hall. The Northside can only move forward together.


minnesota nurses association

I'm proud to be the first labor endorsed candidate in the Ward 5 City Council race!

I'm especially honored to by endorsed by the nurses, who have been a leading member of the coalition to improve the lives of workers in Minneapolis (and across the state).

Endorsements don't win races, but when I think of who I want to build with, and who I trust to have the back of my neighbors -- Northsiders -- the nurses are definitely on that list.


SEIU Minnesota State Council

I'm proud to be endorsed by the SEIU Minnesota State Council, the folks fighting for livable, family supporting wages. SEIU is made up of the workers who provide care and support for your family in public schools, hospitals, higher education, nursing homes, and schools, and I am honored to have their support. 


TakeAction Minnesota


I'm proud to have the endorsement of TakeAction Minnesota - one of the organizations that fought hard to ensure earned sick and safe time became a reality in our city.


Outfront minnesota

“We’re excited to endorse Jeremiah Ellison for Minneapolis City Council. His work for as a community organizer proves his commitment to grassroots organizing and commitment to progressive values. We have no doubt that Jeremiah will be a strong ally to the LGBTQ community on the council." Said Monica Meyer, Executive Director of OutFront Minnesota, the state’s premier organization advocating for and serving the LGBTQ community.


Our Revolution Minnesota - Twin cities


“We support Ellison, an experienced community activist, because of his commitment to community centered economic development, raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, community safety measures that include police accountability, and improving environmental conditions to increase the health of Northside residents.” - Our Revolution Minnesota - TC, continuing Bernie Sanders’ political revolution by engaging progressives to fight for racial, social, environmental and economic justice.


DFL Environmental Caucus

"In Ward 5, the DFL Environmental Caucus has endorsed Jeremiah Ellison for Minneapolis City Council. Jeremiah is a strong advocate for environmental justice and passionately committed to addressing and responding to groups that have been subject to environmental injustice."


Minnesota Young DFL

I'm proud to have the endorsement of Minnesota Young DFL. Helping more folks get engaged with and energized by politics has always been a priority for this campaign, and that absolutely includes young people in the Northside and beyond.


Representative Ilhan Omar

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 4.38.22 PM.png

"I am proud to endorse Jeremiah Ellison to represent Ward 5 in the Minneapolis City Council. As an artist and an organizer, he brings a unique vision and set of skills that our city desperately needs. It is a shameful truth that too many of our communities are struggling in Minneapolis, especially folks of color and especially the Northside. Too often our solutions do little to improve people's lives. We need a Council Member who sees himself as an active collaborator with us. Someone who is invested enough in our communities to develop creative solutions for the challenges we face. Someone who sees the connection between the Northside, the city as a whole, and the state. Jeremiah has proven to be someone who will work hard every day for the Northside in ways that benefit us all. I hope you'll join me in supporting him."


Sierra Club


I'm honored to have the endorsement of the North Star Chapter of the Sierra Club. Fighting to protect the environment and use the earth's resources responsibly are absolutely values of this campaign. I will consistently fight to further those goals and invest in the necessary healing to past and present environmental harm in Ward 5.